Cooper-Meier Gallery

The Cooper-Meier gallery at 246 Updike Road in Ithaca, NY is a project begun in 2011 when Ron and Shelley Cooper contacted Jake Rudin and Erin Pellegrino to work on their recently purchased residence. The house is the design of renowned Cornell alumnus Richard Meier, begun while he was in his final year of school at Cornell. The house was conceived as an apartment and barn to be built upon an existing foundation. The recent renovation includes the design of a large space previously used as tractor storage. It now serves as a home and gallery and will be completed in Spring 2013. The gallery has already opened to the public on October 20th, 2012 with the hopes of continuing the exhibition of both locally and globally renowned artists. In addition to the design work on the gallery, the project also includes the design and fabrication of a stainless steel doorknocker; created to match Meier’s original design.

door knocker.
Designed and executed with Erin Pellegrino '14
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