Armadillo Crèche is the design for an early childhood development (ECD) center in Johannesburg, South Africa. It accommodates 80 children and houses a teacher-training center. The school is a product of a two year process orchestrated by Cornell University Sustainable Design, an interdisciplinary student-led organization at Cornell University. Students, with the help of academic advisors and industry professionals, executed the project through a semester of research, a semester of design development integrated into the Bachelor of Architecture comprehensive design studio curriculum, and three months of construction.
Jeremy Foster, Kifle G Gebremedhin, Werner Goehner, George Hascup, Alex Mergold, Arthur Ovaska, Andrea Simitch

Barry Beagen (Project Director), Andrew Fu (Lead Designer), Shuping Liu (Construction Drawing Coordinator), Thomas Shouler (Structural Engineer), Jonathan Leape (Construction Manager), Mikey Jiang (Utilities), Karen Chi-Chi Lin (Marketing and Communications), Carly Dean (Exhibition Director and On-Site Safety Manager), Jesse McElwain (Director of Development)

Sidney Beaty, 
Joe Beaudette, Yen Chiang, Christine Chung, Alex Cote,
 Jorge Cuervo Manrique, Mercedes Cuvi,
 Will Dibernardo, Robert Dicker,
 Juliette Dubroca, 
Mary Bray Erickson, Ben Fleury, 
Jessica Fracassini, Stephanie Glass, Stephanie Gitto, Mikhail Grinwald, Wendy Gu,
 Peter Gudonis,
 Laura Hammerer, Donald Hicks,
 Wei-Yen Hsieh, Siyabonga Jezile, Alexandrea Klimoski, Yoonjee Koh, 
Joecyln Kuo,
 Tiffany Kuo,
 Johnny Lau,
 Brian Lee,
 Michael Lee,
 Jacqueline Liu,
 Daniel Lu,
 Erin Pellegrino, 
Lexi Quint,
 Jake Rudin,
 Eric Rutgers,
 Lillian Simon,
 Alex Simpson,
 Tito Soto, 
Elliot Sperling,
 Carina Steinhoff, 
Jose Tijerina,
Daniel Torres,
 Maria Villarraga,
 Shu Wang
Photo credits: Andrew Fu and the CUSD team.
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